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EY3 Media has linked up with Ian Davidson who is a well experienced and proven vocal coach. The partnership has been created to provide a selection of high performance vocal coaching classes. After already selling out in Liverpool the classes are already going from strength to strength. We are excited to have linked with such a talent and are more than excited to see the results as we push to move this project forward.

About Our Instructor

Ian Davidson is an internationally sought after Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher with an impressive teaching resume and list of clientele, ranging from The Staves, to Dan Croll, to Norwegian musicians Jonas Alaska and Billie Van, and the up-and-coming Ady Suleiman, and Frances.

Ian began his teaching 12 years ago as a certified Speech Level Singing teacher and lectured in Voice at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) for 10 years.  A year ago he decided he wanted to try something different, which led him to Barcelona, Spain, where he lectured in Voice and Musical Theatre at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB). 

Now back in the UK, Ian is the co-director of Balance Vocal Studios based in Liverpool City Centre and is once again teaching voice at LIPA, and also at Edge Hill University and Rare Studios. 

Ian has studied voice with some of the best and brightest Vocal Coaches in the world, including Dave Stroud, Wendy Parr, Spencer Welch, Jeffrey Skouson, John Henny and Dean Kaelin and also holds an MA in Music from the University of Salford and a BA in Performing Arts Music from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.  Ian has also studied under world leading vocal scientist Dr Ingo Titze, world leading Speech Therapist and Vocologist Karin Cox and leading laryngologist Dr Reena Gupta.  Ian is also a voting member of PAVA, the Pan-American Vocology Association.

Ian is a founding member and also the Education Director for the Vocology in Practice (ViP) Vocal Instructor network and is responsible for the continuing professional development of its members and the education and development of new teachers.  Ian is also a certified BAST (Be A Singing Teacher) Trainer and regularly holds Singing Teacher Training courses in the North West of England and online.   He has to maintain his teaching status with ViP by fulfilling certain education requirements and keeping his knowledge of vocal science and vocal health current and up-to-date.   To this end Ian has good relationships with Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeons and Speech Therapists locally, nationally and internationally. 

Ian is also an award-winning Gospel Choir Director, and a Gold-Disc holding vocal arranger who also plays piano to a high standard, making him an ideal accompanist to his students and clients. 

Whether it’s Gospel, Pop, Musical Theatre, R&B, Soul or classical – Ian will get your voice into shape

Our Training Method

Today’s modern singer faces a myriad of challenges.  Firstly, touring and performing live are often the main staples of a musician’s income now as opposed to record sales.  The demands of touring, recording and performing on the voice are plentiful and so the singer needs to have a healthy, flexible and balanced voice in order to achieve their goals.  Secondly, very often singers have cultivated their own unique sense of style without much though to technique and Ian aims to work closely with the artist to make sure that technique is introduced without compromising the integrity of their style. 

Why is technique important?  Well, imagine deciding to get up one day and run a marathon? Or even a 10K?  Without any training or stretching and warming up before hand, you could cause yourself a bit of harm and perhaps suffer an injury.  Well, it’s the same for the voice.  We are talking about a tiny instrument with a massive impact that is balanced by many complicated and varying factors such as air pressure, sound waves and resonance space potential.  Change any of those variables and things change drastically in the voice – so if you have a cold and your mucous membranes, and therefore your vocal cords swell, everything changes and the technically proficient singer knows how to navigate those changes to get the best of out their voice. 

In order to achieve this Ian teaches a balanced vocal technique that allows the singer to experience their range from top to body without any breaks, cracks or flips.  By using the art of Vowel Modification, Ian can help make a massive difference to a singer’s voice within minutes and science behind the concepts of  Reactive Inertance help the singer to sing effortlessly for much longer periods of time.  

Style and Performance

Ian is a firm believer in the phrase “once you know the rules, then you can break them”, and this really applies to the application of vocal style.  Once a singer is becoming more and more proficient in the application of vocal technique, the rules can be broken to really encourage the singer to play into “the art of singing”, i.e. style.  Clients can rely on Ian to help them train and maintain their sense of style and coach them in their performance on stage.  


“I have worked with Ian for 3 years now and can honestly say without a doubt he is the best vocal coach I have come across. When I first went to Ian my confidence when it came to singing was shattered.  I had no intention of singing professionally again I just wanted to try and get a bit of confidence back. Two years later and I landed a professional job working as a production vocalist for Headliners Theatre Company on P&O cruises.  After just my first lesson with Ian he had helped me with all the problems I had with some songs in the past and I remember leaving with a big smile on my face thinking maybe I wasn’t so bad after all!  Over time he had me singing notes and songs I never thought possible and got my confidence up so much that I decided to audition for professional work again.  Whilst going through auditioning he was extremely supportive and helped me with my song choices and performance as well as vocal technique.

Over the years Ian really made the effort to get to know my voice and me as a person and so every lesson was specific to my needs as a singer.  He has a great ear and is very quick to realise the strengths and weaknesses in your voice. He explains things in a way that is very easy to understand and apply to your singing and being an incredible singer himself he can even show you.   I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Ian and I could not recommend him highly enough!”

Kate McHenry – Cruise Ship Artist

“Working with Ian has been absolutely amazing and essential to my development as a singer. He taught me how to use my voice in a healthy way without having to compromise any of the characteristics that makes my voice unique. My voice is now healthier and stronger than ever and I have Ian to thank for it.”

Caroline Ailin – Singer/Songwrite and Artist

“Ian Davidson is one of the top vocal coaches in the UK because of his tremendous dedication to his craft. I recommend him highly.”

John Henny – Vocal Coach and Educator

“Ian is a great teacher. The clarity in his direction is really what I find most helpful, I find I understand exactly what it is he wants me to be doing, even if I cant always achieve it first time!! He is always encouraging and puts you at ease and in each lesson there is definite progression in what I’m able to do with my voice. As a student of Ian’s you get the feeling that he really cares, about your voice and your career. That really gives you motivation and puts a personal touch on what he does. I cant recommend him highly enough.”

Lindsey Cleary – Singer/Songwriter, Session Artist

“This Summer (2009) I had the pleasure and honor of working with the remarkably talented vocalist, Ian Davidson. In keeping with his predecessors such as The Beatles, Elvis Costello, and many others, this Liverpool based singer surprised me with an incredible amount of soul in his singing.  Also, I just love it when I sing with vocalists that have the level of musicianship acumen that Ian possesses. His awareness of what he should be singing…where, when, and how he should be singing, avails him and everyone around him to have fun while making music. My only regret is that he does not live in California. I would love to do more singing with this impressive songster.”

Claytoven Richardson – Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Vocal Arranger

“Ian is a fantastic vocal coach. Not only does he give you detailed training for technique, he also gives you a holistic approach to living with and taking care of your voice which I have found to be invaluable. The texture of my voice has vastly improved since I started with Ian and we continue to make progress, making sure my voice is always at its best.”

Lewis Fieldhouse – Singer/Songwriter, Artist


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