Here at EY3 Media we pride ourselves on creating stimulating and tantalizing visual assets. We are 
experts in visual communication and strive to help you bring your vision and business to life through 
visual media engagement. With our in house video production and photography services we can accommodate any job, and work along side you to create a bespoke, tailor made visual package
to suit your own and your companies needs.

Below we have placed some examples of some of our previous work. We have ordered it so our
fashion and music related examples are shown first and then I have shown some examples of jobs
in other areas to give you a feel of some of the other types of projects we work on. 

*If you have any queries or would like to see more of something please just let me know.


Previous Work: Products


Previous Work: Various Areas


Services Summary

Our photography team are highly experienced in the industry and have the skill set, knowledge and equipment to capture anything you require. Offering everything from fashion press shots, promotional product imagery to behind the scenes stills and staff head shots, we can help you to find the solution.

We can help you create videos of various complexity. Whether it be a high budget music video or marketing video for your web and social media platforms, we can help you capture what you need to in the best way. We can also collate assets from previously captured content, work with you to attain new or a mixture of the two. 

Branding and marketing are very important elements of your business that need to be right. We can support you to grow a brand from an idea in your head or work with you to update your existing branding and spread it across all of the media required.

We are keen to support our customers to create strong assets that will compliment their brand and plans for moving it forward. 

We have a world-class recording studio situated in our main office in Manchester City Centre. The studio was designed to facilitate the requirements of major and independent label projects whilst remaining accessible and affordable to independent artists.

As well as providing the environment to inspire we also offer a variation of services which have been created to help support musical artists and businesses alike. We cover areas such music production, scoring, voice over and more so if you have aspirations to achieve something specific and you are not sure how, please get in touch.

Asset Creation
EY3 Media are here to help you take your project to market in the best way that will compliment your business and circumstances. We are here to help you focus on what you are good at while supporting you to maximise the potential of your business. Through asset creation we will take your product and/or services and create assets that highlight your offering and your main selling points.

We will work alongside you to figure out your goals and ambitions for your business. Once we have this, we will look to collate a selection of content which we can then edit and export into various types of assets which you can then use across various media platforms to spread the word of your business and offering.

Project Management
Through our project management service we look to support brands, services and products alike. Using our experience and links within many industries we aim to work alongside our customers to help them achieve their goals and more.

Artist Development
With over 10 years experience within the music industry we have built a strong foundation which we use to support musical artists from all backgrounds and genres. We work with a range of artists and labels of various levels to essentially build campaigns around the artist/s and their targets.


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