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Here at EY3 Media we pride ourselves on creating stimulating and tantalising visual assets. We are experts in visual communication and strive to help you bring your vision and business to life through visual media engagement. With our in house video production and photography services we can accommodate any job and work along side you to create a bespoke, tailor made visual package to suit your individual and your companies needs.

Something We Made Earlier

*Here we have shown a selection of some of our previous work. If you do not see what you are looking for please just let us know.

Photography can be used for many elements within a business. Our team will help you determine how it can be used best to sell your brand, products or services. Offering everything from promotional food and drink imagery to staff head shots, we can help you to find the solution.

With people having less time these days it is important to sell your message quickly but in an interesting and clear manor that also compliments your brand. Video can help you achieve this and in various formats. We can help you create videos of various complexity whether it be for web or social media and a venue, event, product or service.

Branding and marketing are very important elements of your business that need to be right. They are often one of the first things that potential customers see. We encourage that you get it right. We can support to grow a brand from an idea in your head or work with you to update your existing branding and spread it across all of the media required.

Brand Awareness Content
Does your business need better, more consistent design and marketing assets?

Your brand is expected to be active both online and on social media, create interesting content and have stunning marketing materials to stand out from your competitors but you do not have the resource or time to keep up.

To support you and your company we create retainers in which we will commit to a regular collation of content for your business which you can then use to share your business and services to a wider audience and encourage sharing and interaction.

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